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If you love to snap pictures of others, places and natural scenery and want to become a professional photographer or gain some knowledge and experience, then it is essential to learn photography. Trying to find out the right guides and resources to learn photography is likely to be challenging. Numerous online portals are present that does offer tips and classes for students interested to become a pro.

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Some reputed online portals offering photography classes

Popular Photography: It is also known as Pop Photo and is a mammoth photography site boasting of having plenty of useful fun contests, videos and tutorials. You can use it to find inspiration and improve your existing knowledge and skills.

Digital Photography School: It is considered to be a time tested portal offering excellent resources to those who seek it. Besides offering useful articles, they also have books and forums.

Geoff Lawrence: It is considered to be a thorough site on photography. Eight different sections can be found which helps to learn the basics to advanced compositional strategies and lighting. It also covers in details the challenging topics such as getting correct exposure, selecting the right camera and to learn about color. It is a fabulous reference for photographers, be it professionals or amateurs.

Best Photo Lessons: It offers free photography lessons and quick tips along with useful guides and tutorials.

Udemy: It is a reputed online education marketplace having unlimited variety. Over 30,000 courses are offered through this portal taught by around 19,000 instructors and availed by7 million+ students the world over. Students can come across the very best photography courses on this portal.

Tutsplus: It is among the largest tutorial sites present. It covers video, photography, web design and much more. You can check out their archives to search for ‘photography’ related materials and find a lot.

Photo.net: This huge photography community includes galleries, reviews and forums for casual viewers and members. Also, you can come across answers to questions related to photography or associated equipments.

Estoppers: It is among the biggest photography sites present and attracts over 1 million visitors monthly. This site does boast of having huge article collection pertaining to photography, gear reviews, lighting, behind the scenes, business tips, industry news, etc.

You can come across more sties that can offer you with valuable tips and knowledge on photography courses and help you to realize your dream.

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