How To Take Good Pictures For Instagram


For helping you to get wonderful pictures that make people want to always visit your Instagram is by feeding people by good photos of you so much so that it makes them say “wow”. However, you should understand how to take good pictures for Instagram before capturing the photos.

Set Up Your Phone

The first that should you do is you must set up your handphone or mobile. The things that you should prepare first are the composition, editing, and lighting. Regardless about the camera of your phone, I think you should know about under-exposing the shot. It means that you can brighten the shot that you want by editing. But, before you edit this, of course, you should set the camera on the best exposing shot so the over-exposure can be avoided. Then, the photo posted on Instagram is created by using HDR camera. Why can we do that? You can but the HDR is hard to use. Moreover, if you make a mistake while using it your picture will look overdone and it will seem un-natural.


The other thing we talk about for taking good pictures for Instagram, is the way of capturing these photos. The main tips to creating the best photos for Instagram are based on the composition and the lighting of the image. The picture is said to have good composition when the viewer can be addressed to the subject of the shot.  The most important component that you can do first is turn on the grid. For getting successful composition, we can make the shot into 9 parts in the gridlines. Then, the next composition that is important also is about the using palette.  We can consider what theme that we will use for the image. Usually, the theme of nature and landscape is using cool palette. It will help the image very excellent.


The next thing that is important in taking good pictures that you want for your Instagram is setting up the lighting. Actually, lighting can show your feeling in that image. What you have to remember is that a bad picture will capture the bad lighting also. So, you should consider the lighting so much. I believe that you have to know about how to set up the lighting on your phone. I will just remind you again that natural lighting is the best choice.  If you want to take photo at dusk or dawn, you should plan the result in the light contrast or soft shadow.  Then, what about if the conditions are cloudy and sunny? You will need to take you picture in a bit of sunlight for the image to turn out. However, the best time for shooting is in cloudy.

Just another tip to take pictures for Instagram, if you want to feed your viewers of your Instagram with amazing photos, you can start with foodies’ photos. Just use a wooden table or marble slabs for putting your food or some food product, it will make your image very photogenic. Increase your contrast and exposure composition then add just little fade. And your picture will turn out awesome.