How To Look Better For Pictures

Better Photos

Sharing some photos on any social media requires much time to choose the best pictures of yours. Unfortunately, not all the photos you think are good enough pictures to expose or share with the world. The questions of how to look better for pictures not only comes to your mind, but almost all people think the same and try to find the solution.

Twist your Body

Here, there are some ways that you can do to look better for pictures, especially for your social media. The first is twisting your body. Do you think that all people can twist their body well? Not really is the best answer. Keep this in your mind. When you want to twist your body, ensure that you move your body only 45 degrees, not more than or not less than this. When you are twisting your body, put your hand on your hip and plant your foot slightly pointing to the camera. Then, place your weight ensuring it is on your back leg. This position will make you not large-looking.


The next is doing an angled-face. This portrait helps you to look natural. The position of your face is going to be slightly moved either upward or downward. It means you should avoid the direct head of the camera. It will make your face look larger. Then, you must balance also with your sight. Give natural sight by seeing your sight line. This angle of your face is very important if you want to look better in pictures.

Show Brands

Women, actually very like to show some brands of the items when capturing and taking photos. Actually, it does not mean to show off but women like do this for looking even more gorgeous. If you like an image from the top to the bottom of your body, you should try this pose. Crossing your ankles will give a more cute image of yours. Looking better for pictures can be done by crossing ankles, do this by crossing your ankles up to your  calf. However, it helps your hips to look narrow and of course, your legs will look longer. It is really casual one.


The last tip that is the most important for you to get a better look is smiling. Some people think that a smile can speak volumes for your soul.  If you think that your smile makes you look very silly, just check your smile. Too big smiling triggers you to look bad. It squints your eyes. The solution for this is smiling naturally. How to smile naturally? You do not need to smile too much. Just make curve in lower lip that matched to your upper teeth. This smile is very universal and almost all people know about this tip. The slight and relax smile on your lip allows flattering smile that shows sweet and natural smile. This smile also avoids puffing your cheeks out. You can combine your slight smile with pressing your tongue to your mouth roof. It work well to make you look very awesome- like a professional model.