How To Take Good Pictures Of Dogs?

Dog picture

Dogs are good friends to take picture together even more so than human friends at times. When you take a picture and ask your dog to be involved in the shooting, it’s like your dogs understand the shooting conditions. Then they will act as if they are the models. So, how do you take good pictures of dogs? You should understand the following steps.


However, the first thing that you need is, of course, camera equipment.  Just check what you need on your project now, you can choose lenses for your shooting selection. Of course, DSLR cameras are different than mirrorless cameras. So, ensure it first before shooting. Indeed, you will need an editing process for after your shooting. So, choose the best application or software for editing your images. I suggest you use Adobe Photoshop. Then, how to take good pictures of dogs if all the preparation has been ready?

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Get you Dogs Attention

You will need to get your dogs’ attention if you want to know how to take good pictures of dogs. A dog is like a baby. You must make a sound for getting their responses. You must be able to address your dog’s looking and direct it to the camera. You can ask the dog by talking or singing that helps the dog pay attention and see the camera. Actually, the dog is always looking to the right, but you need to check this one also. And do not forget to give a reward after the photo shoot has finished. Remember, a dog is like a baby.


The next action to take a picture of dog is deciding what the environment will look like. I think, before you put the dog in the position, you should have been prepared the background of the photos because remember that dogs are like babies. So they do not like to be waiting too long. Change or set up the background based on what you want. Then, make your dogs smile. It is hard, I know. But try. If your dogs smiles it means that they feel happy, so you can easily see their movement in the image.


Remember, you must consider the image perspective. Do not capture the dogs’ picture just like they are. It is very usual and not interesting enough. Play with the perspective of image. Make it different. How do we take good picture of a dog by using the perspective? Play the angles in doing the shooting of the dogs. You can take pictures from behind, below, in front of the dog or above the dog. However, ensure that you set up your lighting well when you do this. When you have good lighting for your photos before editing, the editing process will be reduced and it will be the best result because comes from good image of course. Please make it seem natural so the feeling that you want to share can be caught by your viewers.

The best software editing will help you so much to edit the photos of the dogs as well. So, the result will be nice. I hope you enjoyed this post about how to take good pictures of dogs.