How To Take Good Phone Photos For Social Media

One of my most common questions is how to take good photos for social media. Nowadays, we can get good photo with smartphone very quickly. It is very different when we look back to fancy camera. We must spend a lot of time to take the picture and edit the picture. But now, we should thank our smart mobile because it saves much energy and provides a good quality image perfect for social media. Here are some tips that you can consider about how to take good photos with a phone.

Using Gridlines

For taking a good photo with a phone, the first thing you should is use the gridlines. The gridlines are used for making the composition of photograph balanced. Based on the theory of taking good picture using your own phone is dividing the object that we want to take into thirds. We break down the composition into thirds vertically and horizontally. So, if you do this, the picture will be nine parts.  For setting the gridlines on Samsung Galaxy, you can find the ‘gridlines on the setting menu, then switch it on.


The next tip that is very familiar to do and I’m sure you already know about it. Focus on the object. When we want to get the best photo, especially with your phone, you should focus on the object, moreover just for an object. People that are experts in taking a photo will spend extra time to set up the shot. Moreover, some photographers explain that one way to take a good photo is not filling the entire frame with that subject. It is better for giving some space for the shot.

Negative Space

The next tip of how to take good photos with a phone is paying attention to negative space. Can a photo have negative space? Yes of course. The negative space ocurrs when you allow some space within your photo’s area. Usually, it looks like empty space on your shot and that makes the photo look large. So, you should ensure that the area of the image has the empty space that can make the photo unique. For an example of empty space consider the expanse of sky with a bird flying across it or a cloud passing by.


The next tip is finding a unique perspective. Unique perspective means something different to what everyone else does. Usually, the different perspective will make the photos will more memorable. So if you want to get good and unique perspective that is very different you can use illusion in taking the photos. For having this tip, you can start or try to take picture upward or downward position of angle. It will create negative space for your shot. Just use your illusion to turn a good picture into a great picture. For example, you can practice taking pictures of the open sky.

So, those are some tips that you can do if you want to take a good photo using your mobile phone. However, it is better if you choose the best smartphone with good camera.