Taking Good Pictures of Yourself With Your Phone Camera

Some people are a bit worried to travel solo because there will be no friends to help take pictures. Quite often people are commented on or asked about who takes your photos- especially really nice ones! Well, actually, we can do it by ourselves. Solo traveling does not have to be an obstacle to have nice picture anymore. How? It is your tripod. Your tripod will be your faithful friend to accompany and help you to have sweet memories although you are solo traveler. So, you should read these tips how to take good pictures of yourself.

I do not suggest asking a person that you meet to help you take a picture. I don’t say that the people can’t use your camera well or they are not expert enough in taking pictures or photos. No, but, there are some limited conditions when you ask a help from others to take your picture, moreover if you don’t know the people. The real problem that I faced when I asked for help from a person that I met when I had my first solo traveling experience was that the person could not take image that I wanted. I had explained to him that I want to have the image showing me and the large open sky. Unfortunately, my image turned out exactly how I didn’t want it . And that was very bad.  So, if you want to go solo traveling, I suggest you bring your new friend – your tripods, please.


My suggestion and I think it is the best suggestion based on my experience is using your tripod. The reason why we rely on our tripod is because by using a tripod we can take the exact image that we want. It doesn’t matter if you have to spend a lot of time to take a picture of yourself. The end result is going to be worth it. I suggest you bring multiple tripods, not only one. You can bring at least two tripods, gorilla pod, and mini tripod. The tripods will be useful for the different conditions you will encounter. And I think tripods are cheaper than having another travel with you. Then, how do you take good pictures of yourself using tripods? It is easy enough but it is not hard to do. Just ensure that you relax and are not worried about taking the shot. Your patience will be very important. Using tripods will help you to take pictures with long exposure. Don’t worry if you are unsteady.

When you use your tripod and your camera to take your photos, you have two options to ‘click’ the switch of the camera. First, you can use remote controller and the second is to set the self timer. However, taking your selfie photo will be better by choosing remote controller. It will make it easier for you and help with managing the time. Self timer is good also, but it will be troublesome because you must prepare yourself by running or rushing to get back to your position for the image.